Baba Raam Singh Ji (Virakt)

“Baba Raam Singh Ji ‘Virakht’ were unattached to the world and had no desire of fame or glory. Baba Ji was a man of very high character and through serving Baba Maharaj Singh and been blessed with the leadership of this Samparda.”

ੴ ਸਤਿਗੁਰ ਪ੍ਰਸਾਦਿ ||

One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

(7) Baba Raam Singh Ji (Virakt)

Baba Raam Singh Ji (Virakt)

Baba Raam Singh Ji (Virakt)

The birth place of Baba Raam Singh Ji is unknown, however, a file created by the British regarding Baba Maharaj Singh Ji, sheds light upon some facts regarding the history of Baba Raam Singh Ji. It’s considered that Baba Raam Singh Ji took birth in the Doaba region of Punjab due to the fact that residents of Jahoora and Jassowal have made accounts of Baba Ji visiting those locations.

Baba Maharaj Singh Ji gave Baba Raam Singh Ji a huge responsibility of assisting the exile from Lahore, of the successor to the Sikh Empire – Maharaja Duleep Singh. However, due to the will of Waheguru, Baba Raam Singh Ji was unsuccessful in completing this task, and as a result were arrested at Lahore. Baba Raam Singh Ji was forever imbued in ‘Naam’ and were of a high spiritual Avastha (level). Witnessing the spiritual presence and aura of Baba Ji, out of fear, the British removed them from jail. Baba Ji then returned to the Doaba region of Punjab and remained at a base in village Jahoore for a short period of time. Upon leaving this base, Baba Raam Singh Ji did not affiliate themselves with any Dera. Baba Ji was widely renown and respected within the Sikh Panth. Upon the arrest of Baba Maharaj Singh Ji, the Sikh Panth warned the British that if they landed a finger on Baba Raam Singh Ji and attempted to arrest them, then Sikhs nationwide would be ready to give martyrdom in their 1000’s.

The congregation respected Baba Ji and were often referred to as Naraungabaad-iye, due to the fact that Baba Ji never built their own location and would either stay within the Sangat or at Naraungabaad. Following the footsteps of Baba Bir Singh Ji, Baba Maharaj Singh Ji fought for the rights of the Sikhs, they fought to remove the British Government’s rule and sacrificed all they had for their community and their faith. It was through such hard struggles and sacrifices that Baba Raam Singh Ji was given the lineage.

The soon to become leader of the lineage –  Baba Karam Singh Ji (Hoti Mardaan Wale) were a very loving and humble servant of Baba Raam Singh Ji. Due to the fact that Baba Raam Singh Ji were Virakt, they themselves travelled to Hoti and decided to settle there. Baba Raam Singh Ji began Seva at this asthaan and gathered as many Sevadaars as possible.  Every morning and evening, Baba Karam Singh Ji would go to see Baba Raam Singh Ji. One day, a resident of Hoti, known as Chaudari Khem Singh, came to see Baba Karam Singh Ji and upon arrival, bowed in reverence. Khem Singh sat for quite some time, engaged in ‘Bachan-Bilaas’ and then asked for permission to leave. All-knowing Baba Karam Singh Ji, told Khem Singh to first go see Baba Raam Singh and then he may leave. Khem Singh replied that he had already met with Baba Raam Singh Ji and had payed his respects there before coming to meet them. Baba Karam Singh Ji then told Khem Singh, that if he wishes to leave, he must take permission from Baba Raam Singh Ji. Following this Bachan, Khem Singh arrived in front of Baba Raam Singh Ji and requested that he be given permission to leave and go home. Upon hearing this, Baba Raam Singh Ji said – “Do not go home today, I will give you permission to go tomorrow, leave then.” Khem Singh then folded his hands and added that he had a very important job to do and had several places to visit. He promised that he would come back the next day, but it was important that he leave now. Baba Raam Singh Ji told Khem Singh that they felt a sense of heat approaching nearby and once again demanded he stay. However, Khem Singh maintained his stubborn attitude and at last said “Maharaj! We are Grisst (householders), we are trapped in several worldly jobs and responsibilities and so for this very reason, it’s important that I be given the permission to leave.”

To understand the mysterious ways and secrets within Saints is something only those with great fortune be able to contemplate and understand. Saints often hint at coming situations, but they do not reveal them. However, Khem Singh insisted on leaving and alas, bowed in reverence and left. Upon arriving home, Khem Singh consumed a meal and took off his clothes, including a coat he was wearing. In the coat, were important papers and money. Whilst lying on his bed, he remembered a job that he had to do. He quickly arose and being in a hurried state of mind, forgot to put his coat on. Where he was planning on going to, was very far away and on the other side of the village town. Completing the job, a lot of time had past and it had become midnight. Khem Singh then decided it was better for him to stay the night where he was and so did not return home. Upon arriving home the second day, he witnessed a large gathering of a crowd. He heard a lot of noise and disturbance, upon asking what had happened, he learnt that the village had set on fire. Young children and large amounts of money and business had been demolished by this fire. The fire had still not stopped and all the villagers were trying their best to stop it. Khem Singh’s house and surrounding buildings had burnt to dust, including his important documents and large amounts of money which were in his coat pockets. After long attempts did the villagers manage to stop the intensity of the fire.

The next morning, a large amount of devotees arrived at Hoti and asked Baba Raam Singh Ji – “Baba Ji, due to the intensity of the fire, a lot of grief and pain has been cause amongst the villagers, and there has been a lot of loss. What will we live on?” Baba Ji replied, it’s the Leela of Waheguru. We should remain happy in the will of Waheguru and have faith in the belief that he will look after us. This is all his game, he will take down your falseness and fortify it. Money is arriving for you from a foreign land, this Hoti shall become like Delhi. Those with strong faith accepted these Bachans, yet others began to question how money would arrive from a foreign land and who was sitting there to give it to them. They questioned how such events would occur. After a short period of time, the Battle of Maleekand began near Hoti. The officers and soldiers began supplying the people of Hoti with ‘Rasat’. From this point, the people of Hoti started earning excessive amounts of money. Many left their villages and began to settle in Hoti and had become very rich.

And so, the Bachan of Baba Raam Singh Ji had come true. They had transformed the structure of Hoti and made it’s inhabitants extremely rich. Hearing such tales of spirituality, arrest warrants for Baba Raam Singh Ji were sent from Lahore and numberless occasions, however, Baba Ji roamed freely throughout the country – no one had the bravery or courage to attempt to arrest Baba Ji or have them arrested. Their whole life was dedicated to serving the people and until their last breath, remained joined the congregation with Parmeshar Waheguru and Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Upon leaving for their heavenly abode, the mist and dust was cleared, and it was extremely bright throughout the whole day. Upon leaving, the responsibility of the Samparda lineage was given to Baba Karam Singh Ji Hoti Mardaan Wale.

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