Sikh Matt & Sant Matt (?) – Giani Mohan Singh Ji ‘Azaad’

April 10th, 2016

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Jio,

There is a misunderstanding amongst some individuals that a Sikh’s ideology is different from a Sant’s ideology. Some even question the importance of Sants within Sikhi and claim that one should have respect for only Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj and that no respect should be shown towards a mortal being. The following is a loose translation of Giani Mohan Singh Ji ‘Azaad’ (Kathavachik Rara Sahib) who has highlighted the importance of Sants in Sikhi.

“Sikh Matt and Sant Matt is identical. Satgur Ji themselves have uttered Gurbani in respect of Sants in order to increase their rightful respect. For the sake of carrying out service to Sants, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj endured slaps from their father. Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj also sent their wife Mata Ganga Ji barefooted with Parshade to seek the blessings of Brahm-Giani Baba Budha Ji for her wish to give birth to a son. There are many similar instances in our Guru’s history.

Satguru Nanak Dev Ji has made it clear in their beliefs that any being who chants the Lord’s name themselves and inspires others to do so too, whether it be any name of the Lord, Satgur Ji states that they are a sacrifice to that individual and that they bow their head in reverence to such truthful beings.

isru nwnk lokw pwv hY ]
sir naanak lokaa paav hai ||
Nanak places his head on the feet of such people.
bilhwrI jwau jyqy qyry nwv hY ]4]2]
balihaaree jaao jaethae thaerae naav hai ||4||2||
I am a sacrifice to Your Names, as many as there are, O Lord. ||4||2||

And so any respect we give to Sants of any faith is never enough. Keeping company of those Sants that have spent several years of their lives being imbued in Vaheguru Naam Simran is beneficial for us individuals, through practising their teachings and applying it to our own lives, we are able to achieve a high and pure Jeevan. Showing respect to such individuals is equivalent to showing respect to the Lord Vaheguru:

jo hir dwsn kI ausqiq hY sw hir kI vifAweI ]
jo har dhaasan kee ousathath hai saa har kee vaddiaaee ||
The praise of the Lord’s slaves is the Glory of the Lord.
hir AwpxI vifAweI BwvdI jn kw jYkwru krweI ]
har aapanee vaddiaaee bhaavadhee jan kaa jaikaar karaaee ||
The Lord loves His Own Glory, and so His humble servant is celebrated and hailed.
jo siqguru syvih Awpxw BweI iqn kY hau lwgau pwie ]
jo sathigur saevehi aapanaa bhaaee thin kai ho laago paae ||
I fall at the feet of those who serve their True Guru, O Siblings of Destiny.
jnmu svwrI Awpxw BweI kulu BI leI bKswie ]7]
janam savaaree aapanaa bhaaee kul bhee lee bakhasaae ||7||
I have fulfilled my life, O Siblings of Destiny, and my family has been saved as well. ||7||

In schools, pupils maintain discipline and good behaviour whilst a teacher is present. However, when the pupils are outside of a teacher’s presence they argue and fight with one another. Similarly, there are some individuals who forget how to respect Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj and become confused in their views without the presence of an enlightened being. It is henceforth important for a practising Sant to be present in increasing Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj’s respect:

swDU ibnu nwhI drvwr ]3]
saadhhoo bin naahee dharavaar ||3||
Without the Holy Saint, one cannot reach the Court of the Lord. ||3||

A jewel of the Sikh community – Bhai Veer Singh Ji published a article on the 8th of July 1963 in which he stated: We should always remember that only a individual who is truly intoxicated in Naam has the capability to intoxicate others, just as a lightened candle can light up so many dull candles. We now have a need to give birth to such individuals in our community, who have the ability to inspire others and this can ultimately only be achieved by an individual who has true love for Naam and Baani. The work of such individuals has been vital for our community and will be continue to be so in the future. If there is a Gursikh/Gurmukh/Sant/Sadhu who has such devotion for Naam Bani and practises Rehat Maryada, we should happily show them respect and reinforce their efforts so that they continue their work and inspire more and more individuals to come closer to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj. However, in todays day and age there appears to be a fashion of only accepting those people as Pracharaks if they slander Sants with terms such as ‘Pakhandi’.”

sant smagam 59

There is no profit to be attained from being jealous of great Parcharaks. By slandering them we cause damage of ourselves and they themselves remain intact. 

pauVI ]
pourree ||
nwnk vIcwrih sMq jn cwir vyd khMdy ]
naanak veechaarehi sa(n)th jan chaar vaedh keha(n)dhae ||
O Nanak, the Saints consider, and the four Vedas proclaim,
Bgq muKY qy boldy sy vcn hovMdy ]
bhagath mukhai thae boladhae sae vachan hova(n)dhae ||
that whatever the Lord’s devotees utter with their mouths, shall come to pass.
pRgt phwrw jwpdw siB lok suxMdy ]
pragatt pehaaraa jaapadhaa sabh lok suna(n)dhae ||
He is manifest in His cosmic workshop. All people hear of this.
suKu n pwiein mugD nr sMq nwil KhMdy ]
sukh n paaein mugadhh nar sa(n)th naal kheha(n)dhae ||
The stubborn men who fight with the Saints shall never find peace.
Eie locin Enw guxY no Eie AhMkwir sVMdy ]
oue lochan ounaa gunai no oue aha(n)kaar sarra(n)dhae ||
The Saints seek to bless them with virtue, but they only burn in their egos.
Eie ivcwry ikAw krih jw Bwg Duir mMdy ]
oue vichaarae kiaa karehi jaa bhaag dhhur ma(n)dhae ||
What can those wretched ones do, since, from the very beginning, their destiny is cursed with evil.
jo mwry iqin pwrbRhim sy iksY n sMdy ]
jo maarae thin paarabreham sae kisai n sa(n)dhae ||
Those who are struck down by the Supreme Lord God are of no use to anyone.
vYru krih inrvYr nwil Drm inAwie pcMdy ]
vair karehi niravair naal dhharam niaae pacha(n)dhae ||
Those who hate the One who has no hatred – according to the true justice of Dharma, they shall perish.
jo jo sMiq srwipAw sy iPrih BvMdy ]
jo jo sa(n)th saraapiaa sae firehi bhava(n)dhae ||
Those who are cursed by the Saints will continue wandering aimlessly.
pyfu muMFwhUM kitAw iqsu fwl sukMdy ]12]
paedd mu(n)dtaahoo(n) kattiaa this ddaal suka(n)dhae ||12||
When the tree is cut off at its roots, the branches wither and die. ||12||

Please forgive us for any mistakes.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Jio

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