Sant Baba Attar Singh (Reru Sahib)

“Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji were given the responsibility of preserving a tree at Reru Sahib under which the 10th Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj had once rested whilst travelling to Machiwarra. Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji made the surrounding area a Gurdwara and would preach Sikh lifestyle and teachings. Sant Ji lived a simple lifestyle and would partake in agricultural work themselves and serve in the Langar.”

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One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:
(9) Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji (Reru Sahib)

Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji (Reru Sahib Wale)

Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji (Reru Sahib Wale)

Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji Maharaj took birth in the year 1867 in the month of March. Sant Ji’s took birth in the household of Bhai Laal Singh and Mata Mehtaab Kaur. Upon the birth of Sant Ji, there was a lot of happiness within the family, the poor were showered with all their necessities. Bhai Laal Singh arranged for Karah Prashaad di Degh to be made at the Gurdwara Sahib and after Ardas, a Hukamnama was taken from Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj in order to name the young child. Thus the young child was named ‘Attar Singh’. When Sant Ji became 5 years old, Bhai Laal Singh and Mata Mehtaab Kaur decided to send Sant Ji to the local Gurdwara Granthi – Bhai Gurmukh Singh. From Bhai Gurmukh Singh Ji, Sant Ji was taught the ways of Gurmat and side by side engaged in fulfilling their jobs/chores at home. When Sant Ji turned 20, on the 8th of June 1887, Sant Ji enrolled in the Sikh Regiment at Ludhiana. Sant Ji was originally very highly motivated by the Sikh faith and within their Army duties, Sant Ji would ensure they completed their Nitnem everyday without fail. Sant Ji continued serving in the GuruGhar whenever possible and after the passing time, were sent to a separate batallion located in Nushehre.

After listening to the praises of Baba Karam Singh Ji (Hoti Mardan Wale), alongside fellow members of the Army, Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji went for Darshan on 3 occasions. After spending time with Baba Karam Singh Ji, Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji felt a pull within their soul, which was driving them to strive closer towards their spiritual path. After a short while, the Number 36 Sikh Regiment was changed and under the advice of other army officers, Sant Ji travelled from Pishaavar to the annual Dasvi Jorh Mehla at Hoti Mardan. Outside the Dera, Baba Karam Singh Ji was carrying out Kirtan, upon hearing it, Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji felt immense peace and focus on Parmeshar Waheguru. During Baba Karam Singh Ji Maharaj’s Kirtan, Sant Attar Singh Ji would remain in Smaadhi and had a strict protocol of not talking to anyone else during this time.

There was a large gathering of Sangat at this point in time and Baba Karam Singh Ji’s Sevadars were making space for Sangat to offer donations and make requests to Baba Ji. Devotees offered their respects and upon doing so sat wherever they could find a suitable space to listen to Baba Karam Singh Ji’s Bachan. Now came the turn of Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji and the other soldiers from Pishaavar. Upon witnessing Baba Karam Singh Ji’s beloved Darshan, Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji began shedding tears upon tears.

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