Baba Khuda Singh

“Baba Khuda Singh Ji had also stayed under Baba Bir Singh Ji Narangabad Wale and were a pooran Gursikh Brahmgiani who practised Sikhi to the core throughout their lives.”

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One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

(6) Baba Khuda Singh Ji

Baba Khuda Singh Ji

Baba Khuda Singh Ji (Originally known as Baba Jaswant Singh) were born in the household of Bhai Natha Singh in August 1777.  At the age of 4 days old, Baba Jaswant Singh Ji’s native village of Syamgarh, (near Kurukshetra) was invaded by bandits, a common occurrence during that period of time. The villagers abandoned their homes and took shelter in a neighbouring town. The Father of Baba Jaswant Singh- Bhai Natha Singh also fled, leaving the new born child and their mother locked in his house. The bandits ransacked the entire village but Bhai Natha Singh’s house remained untouched. Baba Jasvant Singh was brought according to Sikh traditions, and administered into the Khalsa Panth at the age of six.

Baba Jaswant Singh served as a Police Sub-Inspector (Thaanedar) at Kuran and due to an encounter with Bandits – was wounded fatally. It was at this point that Baba Khuda Singh Ji met with Baba Bir Singh Ji and became a devout servant.

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