#8 Baba Biram Daas Ji (Vidoshi)

November 25th, 2012

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Jio,

Sant Ji Maharaj

The parents of Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji, Satkaaryog Baba Raam Singh Ji and Satkaaryog Mata Rattan Kaur Ji used to go for sangat of a mahapurkh known as Baba Biram Daas Ji Vidoshi Wale. Baba Biram Daas Ji would not let young children near them, for a reason known only to them. Sant Ji Maharaj was 5 years at this time and Sant Ji Maharaj’s first name was Gulaab Singh.
Sant Ji Maharaj’s parents quietly attempted to leave the house, however young Gulaab Singh asked “Where are you 2 going? That too without taking me? Please allow me to come with you!” Sant Ji Maharaj’s parents refused and told them to stay at home. However, it’s considered that Sant Ji Maharaj gave birth to, if not 100, but 1000’s of Sant Mahapurkh, how so may such a being denied the right to meet a Saint of Waheguru? Sant Ji Maharaj insisted they would also go and followed their parents.

When they had arrived at the base of Baba Biram Daas Ji, Sant Ji Maharaj’s parents warned Gulaab Singh to not come forward. Regardless of this, it was very hard to get darshan (blessed vision) of Baba Biram Daas Ji and would require devotees to remain content for up to 7 days. Baba Biram Daas Ji would only consume 1 prashada a day, nothing more, nothing less. On one occasion, a devotee requested Baba Biram Daas Ji to come to their house as they have a meal prepared for them. Baba Biram Daas Ji then replied “We live in jungles, we eat in jungles and we sleep in jungles. We have never been or seen the cities.”

 Sant Baba Mann Singh Ji (Pehowa Wale) narrate that there are 3 types of Sant Mahapurkh;

1) Divaan’eh Those that stay in a phase of emotional pain (vairaag) 24 hours a day, due to seperation from the Lord Waheguru.

2) Mastaan’eh – Those that remain in a state of detachment from the world and do not engage in wordly affairs.

3) Daan’eh – Those that say, we have achieved what we need with our bodies and minds, through meditation on Waheguru now we should serve the congregation with this knowledge.

Baba Biram Daas Ji were considered a Mastaan’eh Mahapurkh. The devotee made requests upon requests and eventually Baba Biram Daas Ji accepted his request and told him to send a blanket on the 7th day to which they would come.

The devotee prepared numerous and countless amounts of food. Devotees began to arrive in their 1000’s and at this point the whole village was packed out. Following the orders of this devotee, the devotee presented Baba Biram Daas Ji with the blanket and once again requested that they come to their house. The devotee too was astonished at the fact that someone who had never left the jungle, would come to the house of a devotee. Baba Biram Daas Ji agreed again. Baba Biram Daas Ji had never wore any clothes in their whole life and upon the coming would only wear a blanket to cover themselves on the 7th day – such was their detachment.

Baba Biram Daas Ji (Vidoshi Wale)

Upon travelling to the devotees house, Baba Biram Daas Ji encountered a valley where the flesh and bones of dead were fed to donkeys. Being of a Maastana avastha, Baba Biram Daas Ji, picked up one of the bones and began to carry it on their shoulder. Upon arriving at the village, the congregation in their 1000’s became astonished. They are carrying dead bones? What kind of Saint is this? The people lost faith and the congregation in their 1000’s quickly decreased.

Baba Biram Daas Ji said to the devotee who was still intact in his faith – “Everytime you come to see me, you speak of how you will organise a massive Langar, where is your Langar?” The devotee pointed at the different types of puddings and soups. Baba Biram Daas Ji then asked the devotee to lift up the lid of the pot where the pudding was in, Baba Biram Daas Ji then placed the bone in their and began to stir it. Seeing this, the devotee too lost faith.

Baba Biram Daas Ji then replied – “You also fallen in your faith? I thought you were a devout devotee? Never mind the people, I thought you were better than this? You used to bring me 2 prashade a day and yet you’ve fallen already? Look closely, its not a bone, its a large spoon made out of Chaandi!” Witnessing this, the devotee fell at Baba Biram Daas Ji’s feet. The large spoon is still present at the village of Vidoshi. Such was the spiritual wealth and powers of Baba Biram Daas Ji.

Back to Sant Ji Maharaj. Sant Ji Maharaj’s parents stopped them from stepping forwards. Both parents bowed in reverence to Sant Ji Maharaj. Baba Biram Daas Ji then replied – “Where have you left the Sant?”

Confused, Baba Raam Singh Ji asked who was this Sant that Baba Ji was referring to and that they had only brought their son.

Baba Bir Daas Ji then replied: “In your household, a Puran Brahmgiani Sant has taken birth in your house, who even Kings and Maharaj’eh will bow to in respect!”

The glory of the Holy people is theirs alone; 
O Nanak, there is no difference between the Holy people and God. ||8||7||


Please forgive us if we have made any mistakes.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Jio.


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