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March 23rd, 2014

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Jio,

Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji Maharaj was very affectionate and loving towards poor families. In the Chandigarh Divaans of 1964, many families requested Sant Ji Maharaj to visit their homes and so before each Kirtan Divaan, Sant Ji Maharaj would fulfil every families requests by spending a little bit of time in each families homes. Baba Waryam Singh Ji was responsible for arranging the times between each house.

Whilst visiting each of the homes, Sant Ji Maharaj arrived at two mansions both of which had air conditioning. The weather on that day was very hot and so Sant Ji Maharaj was receiving much relief from the cool temperature in these houses. A gardner by the name of ‘Chaju’ asked Baba Waryam Singh Ji for time at his house. Baba Waryam Singh Ji however refused the gardner the opportunity as it was very hot, Baba Waryam Singh Ji was worried that Sant Ji Maharaj may feel uncomfortable at the gardner’s small quarters as opposed to these giant air conditioned mansions. Baba Waryam Singh Ji told the gardner that they would come another day.

Raaje Jogi - Sant Ji Maharaj

Raaje Jogi – Sant Ji Maharaj

As Sant Ji Maharaj’s car passed the 19th Sector of houses, Sant Ji Maharaj asked Baba Waryam Singh Ji whether they was anyone left. Baba Waryam Singh Ji fell silent to which Sant Ji Maharaj replied: “Why have you gone quiet? Is there no one left? Any poor family perhaps?” Baba Waryam Singh Ji explained that there was a gardner who had requested time, however it was now soon approaching the Kirtan Divan time – there was no time left. Sant Ji Maharaj replied: “I will definitely visit the gardner’s house – under any circumstance! Why did you not give a rich family less time and make more time for the poor gardener?” Sant Ji Maharaj then stated that they will not go to the Kirtan Divaan until they have met with the gardener ‘Chaju’. Baba Waryam Singh Ji was speechless and concerned about what would happen next…

Sant Ji Maharaj remained still in their car, as they looked outside their car they saw a man with a bicycle. The man was ‘Chaju’ who was awaiting Sant Ji Maharaj on the large road to direct the car to his house. When Sant Ji Maharaj arrived at ‘Chaju’s’ house, there were approximately 150 people waiting outside. The people waiting outside had asked ‘Chaju’: “How can such a big Mahapurkh come to the house of such a lowly poor individual as yourself.” ‘Chaju’ reassured the Sangat that Sant Ji Maharaj would come at all costs. The Sangat still doubtful, questioned what ‘Chaju’ would do if Sant Ji Maharaj did not come to his house. He replied: “I will jump in a well…”

At his house, ‘Chaju’ had decorated his whole house for the arrival of Sant Ji Maharaj with flowers. Sant Ji Maharaj showed love to ‘Chaju’ as though he was their own son. ‘Chaju’ was ecstatic at the fact that his faith had been fulfilled. He shouted at the top of his voice: “You see! Sant Ji Maharaj has come to my house…”

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