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Bhai Amrik Singh Ji in Vairaag upon Sant Ji Maharaj's heavely abode

Bhai Amrik Singh Ji in Vairaag upon Sant Ji Maharaj’s heavely abode

The Jeevani of Bhai Amrik Singh Ji (Rara Sahib Mukh Kirtani) is an emotional story to say the least. This devout servant dedicated his whole life in service to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj, the Guru Roop Saadh Sangat and Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji Maharaj (Rara Sahib Wale). Bhai Amrik Singh Ji was effectively second in charge after Jathedar Sant Baba Mohinder Singh Ji. He would carry out Kirtan Seva before Sant Ji Maharaj would arrive in Kirtan Divans, he played Chimta with Sant Ji Maharaj and after Sant Ji Maharaj’s heavenly abode, he would conduct Dharna Kirtan whilst Jathedar Sant Baba Mohinder Singh Ji would carry out Katha. His amazing Kirtan is itself evidence of the Seva and Simran he conducted and the rewards he attained as a result.

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At a young age, Bhai Amrik Singh Ji was told by a very experienced fortune teller that he would pass away at the age of 27. The fortune tellers in the past had enormous knowledge and spiritual wealth and were not like today’s self-proclaimed fortune tellers who are simply interested in obtaining money. When Bhai Amrik Singh Ji learned that he would pass away at the age of 27, he decided that he would dedicate the remainder of his life in Seva. He discarded his two-piece clothing and adorned a Chola (robe), despite being the lone son of his parents, he was adamant on just doing Seva. His family were already devotees of Sant Ji Maharaj and hence Bhai Amrik Singh Ji went straight to Sant Ashram Dhablan Sahib.

Bhai Amrik Singh Ji was studying at an engineering college in Patiala, which was a very difficult to get entry in – even today, only exceptionally intelligent pupils are able to obtain admission there. When his family came to learn of his desire to do Seva, they constantly begged Sant Ji Maharaj to convince him to go home. Sant Ji Maharaj even suggested for him to go home as he was the lone son of his parents.

During college

During college

After hearing Sant Ji Maharaj’s Bachan, Bhai Sahib said: “I accept that it is very important to accept the words of the Holy Saints, however, I cannot accept this command of yours. I am going to die in four years time, in four years I will be of no worth to myself or my family and hence I wish to spend my remaining years in Seva.”

Sant Ji Maharaj decided to test Bhai Amrik Singh Ji and convince him to somehow return home. Bhai Sahib was given a cotton Chola and instructed by Sant Ji Maharaj to clean the immense pile of dirt/waste etc. in front of the engineering college that he used to study at. When Bhai Sahib began doing this, the pupils that used to study alongside him began mimicking him. The others would mock him for his decision to leave education despite being one of the most intelligent individuals in the college and spending his days cleaning dirt. Bhai Amrik Singh Ji ignored what anyone had to say and humbly carried on cleaning dirt for 4 years (*some sources say 2 years). Upon seeing Bhai Amrik Singh Ji’s determination and contentment, Sant Ji Maharaj ordered Bhai Amrik Singh Ji to stop cleaning dirt and to now carry out Kirtan with the Jatha.

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Saadh Sangat Ji, it is unknown to many devotees of Rara Sahib, but it said that Sant Ji Maharaj were to live on this planet until the mortal age of 84, however witnessing Bhai Amrik Singh Ji Seva, they themselves decided to give their remaining 14 years to Bhai Amrik Singh Ji who lived on till the year 1988-89. It was the compassionate nature of Sant Ji Maharaj that they blessed others selflessly. Whether it was in this instant whereby they gave their own life to Bhai Amrik Singh Ji or in other instances whereby they took the diseases and illnesses of their devotees upon themselves.

Bhai Amrik Singh Ji playing Chimta with Sant Ji Maharaj

Bhai Amrik Singh Ji playing Chimta with Sant Ji Maharaj


The Saints are the helpers, the support of the soul; they carry us across the terrifying world ocean. Know that they are the highest of all; O’ Nanak, they love the Naam, the Name of the Lord.

Upon the Bhog of Bhai Amrik Singh Ji’s funeral, Jathedar Sant Baba Mohinder Singh Ji shared one Bachan: “Amrik Singh once said to me, I do not wish to have the title of Sant in my name. I wish to remain what Sant Ji Maharaj made me. They made me their Kirtani with the title of ‘Bhai’, I wish to remain as this for the remainder of my life.”


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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Jio


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