#154 Chotte Mahapurkh meet with Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji (Reru Sahib Wale)

February 7th, 2016

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Jio,

Sant Baba Kishan Singh Ji Maharaj alias Chotte Mahapurkh were originally enrolled in the army before becoming completely detached. Whilst on a 8-10 day break in the army, Sant Bishan Singh Ji took Chotte Mahapurkh to meet Sant Maharaj Baba Attar Singh Ji (Reru Sahib Wale). Sant Attar Singh Ji invited Chotte Mahapurkh over which much love and asked whether they had been blessed with the priceless gift of Amrit. Chotte Mahapurkh explained that they had. Sant Attar Singh Ji then asked as to whether Chotte Mahapurkh were married and whether they had a desire of getting married in the future. Chotte Mahapurkh stated that they wished to remain celibate for the remainder of their life.

Sant Attar Singh Ji blessed Chotte Mahapurkh with many methods on how to chant Naam and prescribed ‘Updesh’. Adopting this Updesh, Chotte Mahapurkh began spending their time at Reru Sahib in Seva and Simran. They would spend most of their night in devotional worship and the day time in serving coming Sangat and other Sevadaars – leaving minimal time for rest.

Sant Baba Kishan Singh Ji Maharaj & Sant Partap Singh Ji in Hazoori Seva

Sant Baba Kishan Singh Ji Maharaj & Sant Partap Singh Ji in Hazoori Seva

Sant Attar Singh Ji assured Chotte Mahapurkh that it was time for them to return to their army duty and convinced them that this job was a very fruitful one to say the least. Soldiers are blessed to always have the fear of death in their mind – where there is the fear of death, there is the remembrance of Waheguru. Chotte Mahapurkh humbly folded their hands and proclaimed – “Maharaj Ji, my mind has become attuned to this place, I wish to spend the remainder of my life in service here. I wish to experience such bliss forever and never part from it. 

Sant Attar Singh Ji said – “It is not good for you to abandon work as such. Go – return to your duty and fulfil it with commitment. Your desire to spend your life will also be fulfilled should you fulfil your role in the army to its best. We still have a very big Seva to gain off you, but now is not that time.” Hearing this future prophecy, Chotte Mahapurkh returned to their duty. They spent immense time practising Gur Shabad, whilst completing their responsibilities, they would also engage in long hours of Nitnem and Seva at the Gurdwara. Sant Baba Kishan Singh Ji Maharaj was at that point the ‘Jathedar’ of the Kirtani Jatha at the army quarters.

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Jio

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