#106 Mahapurkh Bachan to Mata Rattan Kaur Ji

January 18th, 2015

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Jio,

When Mata Rattan Kaur Ji, the mother of Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji Maharaj (Rara Sahib Wale), was of young age and living with her parents, Mata Mehtaab Kaur and Baba Partaap Singh, the family encountered many prophecies of the Holy Being, Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji Maharaj who would take birth in Mata Rattan Kaur Ji’s home. Baba Raam Singh Ji (Father of Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji Maharaj) was also fortunate to encounter such happenings before the birth of Sant Ji Maharaj.

One such occurrence is as follows, a Mahapurkh who was dressed in white clothes and was wearing a blanket entered Mata Rattan Kaur Ji’s home and uttered ‘Satnam Sri Waheguru’ from their mouth. Mata Ji’s mother asked her to see what the Mahapurkh wanted, to which the Mahapurkh replied that they wanted two ‘Prashaade’ to eat.

Sant Ji Maharaj in the UK

Sant Ji Maharaj in the UK

Mata Rattan Kaur Ji arranged a place for the Mahapurkh to sit and gave the Mahapurkh whatever they wanted to eat with sincerity and devotion. The Mahapurkh address Mata Ji’s mother and said: “Your daughter is of good destiny, she has committed previous good actions to be blessed with such amazing blessings. It is from her that a Brahmgiani will be born…”

Upon hearing this, the family became intrigued and felt like asking more questions, but after the Mahapurkh had finished eating, they mysteriously disappeared.

To be blessed with having a Brahmgiani born in one’s home is something that can only be achieved by excessive meditation and blessings from Maharaj themselves; it is only with Spiritual Kamaiee that such a gift can be attained. Some individuals have a perception that is through their children that their name will flourish and be remembered, however we can look at our own family lineages and it is safe to say that rarely will anyone remember the name of their great-great-great grandparents. However as evident in Sant Ji Maharaj’s case, when a Brahmgiani is born in a household, the names of the father and mother of the Brahmgiani are remembered worldwide, regardless of the fact that certain Mahapurkh won’t even get married, thus challenging the perception that it is the offspring that will flourish a family’s name.

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Jio

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